The Secret Weapon in Finishing Technology is Nitrotherm®

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The Secret Weapon in Liquid Finishing Technology is Nitrotherm®️

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KEY POINTS | Innovations used in Europe can provide great manufacturing solutions in the U.S. > Nitrotherm spraying can help reduce paint consumption and increase productivity > Pure nitrogen spraying systems reduce issues brought on by compressed air with oxygen


Derek DeGeest and Bill Robinson discuss the benefits of Nitrotherm spray technology.

Manufacturing a Stronger Standard kicked off a new series of podcasts, titled “What’s New in Finishing Technology,” with a discussion on Nitrotherm. This liquid spray-painting method utilizes nitrogen instead of normal compressed air. Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation & Lesta USA, and Bill Robinson, President of Coating Delivery Technology, spoke about the benefits of Nitrothem, which reduces solvent consumption reduction of VOC emissions by up to 50% and provides manufacturing cost savings.

Call DeGeest the Indiana Jones of the finishing world. When DeGeest hits the European scene, he’s on a treasure hunt to find and bring back technology to improve America’s manufacturing processes.
And it was on one of those European trips where he first discovered Nitrotherm. DeGeest noted finishing shops in Europe do things a little bit differently.

“We were traveling over in Europe looking at our Lesta robots, learning how to use them, visiting customers and seeing how they were using robots,” he said. During conversations with these other shops, Nitrotherm kept coming up. “Once we found out what it did and what it was, we knew we had to bring it to our operation.”

Robinson mentioned his surprise when he got a call from DeGeest to order 4 Nitrotherm systems, sight unseen. He thought maybe DeGeest was biting off more than they could handle with all of their new robotic technology and ancillary solutions, but, to his delight and surprise, DeGeest’s gambit is paying off.

“It’s just been a great alliance, because they have the understanding of the robots and they have the Nitrotherm’s there, and now they have them in their Test Lab. It’s a great opportunity for people to see what it does with their application in a real environment,” Robinson said.

DeGeest and Robinson agreed that the efficiencies brought on through the use of the Nitrotherm spraying system are significant; DeGeest said that when his company started using Nitrotherm, their paint consumption went down 30%, filter life doubled, and there was a reduction in Faraday Effect, flash times and cure times.

Looking for a company with a commitment to long-term innovation and service? The answer’s simpler than ever – DeGeest.

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