Wet-Coat Finishing

DeGeest Steel Works has a dedicated team of surface prep technicians, tank testers, assemblers and paint line specialists.

As long as we have been welding for our customers, we have been painting. That’s 42 years of wet coat painting experience.

We have advanced our surface prep and paints with the evolution of the coating industry. This has given us a deep knowledge of the applications processes with the experience and reputation to deliver a quality finish.

Leveraging the experience of DeGeest Steel Works teams in wet coat paint, automation, robotics and software, we will be opening an addition in June of 2019 featuring a fully automated wet coat paint system that will be the first of its kind in the United States.

This will increase our capacity for painting our customers parts exponentially and allows us to truly finish every job.

Our fully automated wet coat paint line has one of the largest part size windows in the region to complement the part size of our robotic welding cells.