Working on Policy with the SD Electrical Commission

The South Dakota Electrical Commission asked for our testimony as a purchaser of industrial machinery on a proposal to update a 2008 policy of inspecting the installation of equipment designated as machinery at commercial institutions.

Experiences gained while building our automated paint line with many types of custom equipment gave The Commission a business owner’s perspective on processes to help manufacturers stay within electrical safety standards.

As Lesta USA, we also have experience selling machinery and finishing a 1 year process with the National Registered Testing Laboratories to obtain a product listing for Lesta painting robots for use in the United States.

At the end of the day, a proposal was passed to give uniform guidance to businesses and inspectors to work together for machinery approval. The proposal analyzed Electrical Commission regulations in ND, MN, IA and NE, as well as anecdotal input from South Dakota inspectors on what they are experiencing in the field on electrical safety standards.

Takeaway #1: We strongly urge manufacturers to contact their state commission on current regulations for unlisted machinery before purchasing to ensure a smooth install process.

Takeaway #2: We are grateful for the opportunity to be amongst those leading the way towards a Stronger Standard for electrical safety for SD businesses.