Meet our robots

Our robots play a huge role in our shop and have become an integral part of our team!

We created a custom interface between our robots and our automated scheduling software. This allows us to easily plug them into our connected system and communicate with our team and have a little fun while doing it!

We named all of them after famous movie robots and got large action figures to stand guard over their operator panels!

  • Johnny 5 > Short Circuit
  • Baymax > Big Hero Six
  • Gypsy Danger > Pacific Rim
  • Optimus Prime > Transformers
  • Megatron > Transformers
  • Voltron > Voltron

Can you guess which one of our welding robots says this, “Hey Laser Lips! Your momma was a snow blower!”

Fun Fact: Our software team programmed each of the robots to text a custom message to the team if they have an error.