Robotic Finishing Day One

Any size, any job. Robotic finishing on Day One.

Watch here and here.

Built for industrial finishing applications, Lesta robots are perfect for any size company applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials. Unlike most robotic finishing systems, Lesta robots do not require complicated programming and no teach pendant is required.

Lesta robots go into a weightless learning mode while in the hands of a company’s best painter, who then performs the job the first time as the software creates its own robotic code of every movement and paint spray. The painter’s exact technique, including the application of the paint, is saved and then mirrored by the robot on future jobs.

It’s so easy, following installation you can be painting robotically on Day One.

See this game-changing technology at FABTECH 2019 Booth B11054

Or, by appointment in the LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Steel Works near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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